Vineyards Season


How far would you go to taste some of the best Baco’s nectars in the world?!

Portugal is becoming (not surprisingly), one of the most international awarded wine makers.

Do you know why? Because of the combination of the terroirs, the diversified climate, the vineyards along the riverbanks, the knowledge of ancient farmers and family estates, young and innovating producers…

Certainly, you’ve already heard about Porto Wine or the Douro region, one of the oldest protected wine region in the world!
What about the unique “Vinhos Verdes” region and its famous and fresh sparkling Alvarinho wine?!
The exquisite Madeira wine, or even the top Alentejo wine…
When you have the chance to appreciate our sparkling rosés, red or white wines (quite similar to champagne wines), but for better and for only a quarter of the price, you’ll feel like in heaven!
Here in Portugal you can find more than two hundred native wine grape varieties, perfect blends from the Touriga’s, Baga’s, Aragonês, Pinot’s till Sauvignon, an endless list portfolio.

This LAND experience will show you the amazing architectural range of winery landscapes and will give you a wide perspective tour about the Portuguese wine maker’s world.

Since March until October you’ll discover such an immense agenda, from the south up to the north crossing through amazing villages, Quintas, mountain vineyards, rural Palaces where sleeping, food or wine tastings are simply a lifetime experience!


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