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More and more foreigners are investing in Portugal,  be it in industry,  companies shares acquisition, joint-ventures or simply real estate investments for own living or rental business…
“Gold Visa” or “Seniors & Pensionists Tax Free” State Programs are some of the National incentives for those who found in Portugal an attractive place to live in…
We are a bit suspected but, our tempered clima with more than 300 hundread sunny days a year, thousands of inspiring beaches, modern schools, some of them internacional teaching, a top medical care system and hospitals service, lots and lots of new roads, highways and transport facilities,  amazing greeny golf courses, kind people, delicious food and wiines, state of the art shopping centers,  modern or classic architecture to investimento in, a vaste cultural agenda and so much more are enought for you to come and be one of us?!
You are welcome & be happy!

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