Portuguese; is our native language,  spoked by almost 300 millions people around the world (in the Top 5 by number and importance). Brasil, Goa, Damão e Diu (Índia), Angola, Moçambique,  Cabo Verde, Guiné -Bissau, São Tomé e Príncipe,  Macau (China), Timor-Leste and of course our immense “diaspora” spread on the wide world globe, calculated on more than 5 millions of Portuguese citizens working, living and making their own roots history…
Yes Sir!
 English it’s like our “second”  language, since young age, most Kids study at school two foreign languages, so have we both!
Besides, our practitional english conversations all these years with partners, turists and friends from all over the world makes us quite conforrtable with spoken and writen english language.
Castellaño (or Spanish) is quite easy to understand and made conversations with, due the proximity of our dear neighbour country of Spain.
Italiano, vero!
It’s another language and people that we love to receive and talk to!
30 years of traveling quite often to Italy where essencial to become nearly an italian soul…
Français, s’il vous plait!
Probably the favourite language of the lovers, flirting in french can be so funny and sexy!
Do you agree?
Bon Voyage Monsieur Générale Napoleon.
Se souvenir Jacques Cousteau, le grand explorateur des Oceans.
Vivre la vie en rose, comme le excentrique Cantona, Eric le ex-numéro dix de les bleus…
Se promener et traversée le fleuve Seine ou admirer la vue de Eiffel, la Tour de tous les amants!
Evoquer les citations artistiques du charismatique Gérard Depardieu…

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